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About srvision:

The annual srvision event (formerly known as Service Manager Day in The Netherlands) is being organized by a group of volunteers from the KNVI special interest group Management and Service Management.

It is our goal to put together a motivating and inspiring program for everyone interested in the field of (IT & Enterprise) Service Management, which could include professionals, managers and consultants in both business and IT roles. If you have anything to do with the creation, delivery, support or management of services, this could be just your conference to explore new concepts and to learn by sharing stories and experiences.

srvision is a non-commercial, volunteer-driven event. Every year we attempt to put together an interesting, diverse, inspiring and practical program for our industry colleagues from all over Europe. We usually attract around 500 attendees, with a very mixed (but mostly IT-related) background.

About Trends in Tooling:

Trends in Tooling is a joint effort from the srvision organisation, Joost-IT and Xiphos. Whereas the focus of srvision is primarily on processes and organisation, the focus of Trends in Tooling is on IT Tooling and how these can support the processes and organisation. This non-technical part of the conference provides a platform to thought-leaders, IT managers and tooling suppliers aabout the added value good tooling offers in the IT landscape and business.

About the theme:

For the 2022 edition of srvision and Trends in Tooling, we will have a slightly different approach compared to previous years. Though most of the participants will be from The Netherlands, we see a growing number of foreign attendees, from surrounding countries. For our 2022 edition, we will have an all-English program, so everyone is able to attend all of the sessions. Location will be in the centre of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The theme for the 2022 edition will be Flow! Nearly every organization, either public or commercial, is engaged in some kind of transformation towards higher levels of performance and value delivery. Whether these organizations are using Digital, Agile, Lean or DevOps as the key containers for this transformation, all efforts have one common element: flow. Flow allows teams to create faster, better and safer value. Flow enables cross-team collaboration. And flow accelerates feedback loops to increase quality of service.

But how do you achieve flow? How do you integrate and automate your service management processes and value streams (ITIL4) in Agile teams to enhance predictability and reliability? How do you measure flow consistently throughout your service delivery? How do you optimize flow and response models at your Service Desk? And how can you apply modern service management methods and instruments, such as swarming, peer reviews, predictive analytics or eXperience Level Agreements, in order to enable value co-creation? These questions and many more will be answered during srvision 2022. Do not miss out on this great theme and mark the dates of April 6th and 7th 2022 in your calendar!

We are looking forward in seeing all of you next year!