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Value is in the eye of the beholder...

Value - Why and what?

A common word nowadays: value. It quickly becomes a platitude, an empty shell. If we pursue 'value' then it is good, but what do we mean by it?

Mark Schwartz, in his book "The Art of Business Value", describes  ... READ MORE

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2022 program

The program has 4 flows:


Delivery Flow


Human Flow


Organize Flow


Technology flow


For everyone who is interested in the flow of IT Management

SRVISIONDAYS aims to put together a motivating and inspiring program on (IT & Enterprise) Service Management.

Organizations have enthusiastically embraced Agile principles. Problems arise when teams need to work together. And, when the value for the consumer is not directly linked to the product. It becomes impossibly complex when Product Owners use different priorities for their innovations or improvements. Do we give priority to solving imperfections?



The theme for the 2022 edition is Flow! Every organization is engaged in  transformation towards better performance and value delivery. Whether these organizations are using Agile, Lean or DevOps as a means for this transformation, all efforts have one common element: FLOW. Flow allows teams to create faster and better delivery of value. Flow enables cross-team collaboration. And flow accelerates feedback loops to increase quality of service.


And the winners are… OBM and Compliancy!

Srvision and Servitect held a small survey at the end of 2021 about the State of Service Management.

We will not pretend there is scientifical value in the results, but still the opinion of more then 50 respondents is relevant.

Here are some conclusions

The results below clearly show that Agile and Scrum are widely (75%) accepted and continue to gain popularity. The figures also show the continious growth of the use of DevOps. In the forthcoming years DevOps will become even more important then ITIL4. The acceptance of Organizational Behavior Management is relatively growing fastest.

The survey results also revealed that organizations do not exclusively use Service Management methods like DevOps, ITIL4 and ISM, (together more then 175% in 2 years) but combine them. Apparently organizations do apply the best of different worlds in their own way of working.

IT Service Management methods still are important, but Compliancy will become the main focus point in the years to come. It looks like the “Maslov pyramid”, first security, then service and Experience.


Insocial is een SaaS platform dat gespecialiseerd is in customer experience. Met actiegerichte inzichten helpt Insocial organisaties meer diepte te geven aan het begrip customer experience. Dit doet het data gedreven platform door focus te leggen op vijf verschillende typen experiences, waaronder service experience en employee experience. Organisaties snappen wat er speelt bij de klant en verhogen de klanttevredenheid aanzienlijk met deze inzichten. Insocial helpt bijvoorbeeld veel IT-organisaties om de transitie te maken van een dienstverlener naar serviceverlener en om hun XLA-doelstellingen meetbaar
te maken. Daarnaast wordt een breed scala aan andere sectoren met hun CX-doelstellingen bediend. Denk hierbij aan organisaties als Coolblue, Samsung, GROHE en RTL. Meer informatie is te vinden op www.insocial.eu of volg Insocial op LinkedIn.